Is Tree Still Standing

Even if tree is damaged or leaning towards your home, a standing tree is not covered because insurance is not designed to cover the threat of damage.

Taking care of a damaged or diseased tree falls under normal home maintenance and you should take necessary precautions to protect your home from potential damage.

Tree Falls Due to Storm or Other Weather Condition

Only if the tree damages your home, your insurance company will most likely cover the damages caused to your home. The insurance company may pay for all damage or a limited amount towards the damage caused by a fallen tree.

Keep in mind, the amount of your policy limits is per occurrence, not per tree. If you have more than one tree fall on your home you get the same amount as though one tree fell.

Neighbor Tree Falls on Your Property

If the tree in question is our neighbors tree, your insurance may not cover the damage.

Each of you will need to take care of the portion of the tree in your own yard, unless you can prove your neighbor was negligent about the tree removal of obviously weak or precarious tree.

Do You Need a Tree Removed?

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