Are you looking for stump grinding in Live Oak Fl or the surrounding areas?

Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump that is currently lodged in the ground through the use of a machine called a “stump grinder.” This machine has a large heavy duty wheel-blade with sharp teeth. The blade spins around rapidly until the stump is “ground” out. The stump grinder works like a chipper at ground level. We make passes back and forth over and through the stump with the machine until the stump is ground 4-12 inches below the surface.

Stump grinding removes all remnants of tree stumps from your property, making your land more attractive and safer. A stump can be a tripping hazard, or contain diseases that can affect the health of other trees.

The Benefits of the Stump Removal Process

When you want to know just what you stand to gain from stump removal, think about the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness that ensures the project is reasonably completed within your budget.
  • The ability to construct pathways, patios, fencing or walls without fear of disruption
  • The job can be completed quickly, so that your property can be back to normal in no time

Each of these benefits comes with service that is available to sites like gardens, parks, golf courses, and many other types of buildings.

Don’t let ugly stumps clutter your lawn. Have our experts grind them down below the surface of the topsoil to clear and expand your property! We’ll take care of any stump whether it’s simply an eyesore or it’s hindering the use of the area.

How the Process OF Stump Grinding Service is Carried Out

Once a tree is cut down to a stump, the surrounding area will remain lifeless. Stump grinding service takes the remnants of a tree below ground level and removes that as well so these won’t be an issue.

Stump grinding equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and allows a stump to be removed with precision without causing any damage to surrounding trees, plants, or landscaping.

The range of equipment also allows the grinding of a stump to take place deep into the ground to reach areas that are difficult to access In order to remove remnants that might otherwise cause problems later.

Once a stump is removed, compacted mulch can be placed into the remaining hole to make the area safe and to allow for a full landscaping restoration. Mulch will provide much-needed moisture and nutritional value to the surrounding in addition to preventing weed growth.

For stump removal and tree trimming and tree removal jobs, we always remove all debris, rake as necessary and leave the job site clean. Contact us today for a free quote on your stump removal cost.